Wonga.ca is a subsidiary of Wonga.com, which is a large multinational online payday lending company based out of the UK.  They operated in Canada from 2012 to 2016, but have since closed.


Their loans range from $100 to $500.  Unlike most payday lenders, their rates scale based on how long you wish to borrow.  For a 1 day loan you can pay 1%, and the rate scales up to 21% for 30 days.


In May 2012, Wonga was given a warning from the Office of Fair Trading about their debt collection practices.  Wonga has rebutted their criticism and says that procedures have been implemented to prevent any further abuses.

6 Responses to Wonga

  1. caroline karn says:

    i been trying to apply for loan but it won’t let me do application could you send me right web site for to apply i have tried like 6 different ones or phone number so can on phone

  2. teamfreewill.net says:

    Ok so, did you create this yourself personally because looked at this on twitter already.

  3. Scammed says:

    I took out a loan with Wonga and paid it back – my bank statement shows it and my bank confirms it. They just sent an email telling me that I have not repaid the load and will be taking the money out again today. I called them (the person who answered said the office is in Toronto when I asked) and said I had paid it back and had the evidence. The person then said they have been problems and a group of customers have had the same email and not to worry. Their website is not working.

    I am wondering if their system has been hacked as their security seems to be very poor. I WOULD ADVISE ANYONE THNKING OF TAKING OUT A WONGA LOAN TO AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE.

    I have contacted the police and launched a complaint.

  4. Tom says:

    I think Wonga is good alternative when someone need help. It is better than asking your family or friends.

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