My Canada Payday


My Canada Payday is a strictly online payday lender based out of Vancouver with additional offices in Toronto, Halifax and Edmonton. You can apply using an online form, and employment verification is done using either online banking verification or a screen capture utility that you can install on a Windows or Mac computer.

Application Process

The application process is done completely online, without any faxing or scanning of documents.  It’s possible to apply directly from their webpage, and there is also a smartphone app  which can be used for applying for new loans as well as checking the status of current loans.  The main requirements are:

  • Online banking access
  • Regular income (employment or pension)
  • 19 years of age or older

Online banking records are picked up online as well using Inverite for online bank verification.  In most cases this can be done using the webpage, and for some jurisdictions it is also possible to use a downloadable screen capture application for Windows / Mac / iOS / Android.

In most cases, a credit check is not required.  Credit decisioning is done based on the contents of the bank statement alone.

Once the application form has been submitted, a PDF contract is sent by email along with a link to provide an electronic signature.  Once the electronic signature has been submitted, along with some checkbox confirmations, the funds will be sent using Interac e-Transfer which typically arrives within 5 minutes.


Originally starting out in auto loans in 2008, they transitioned quickly to payday loans.  From the beginning of their payday loan offerings when they were first licensed in British Columbia in 2009, My Canada Payday has offered payday loans in Vancouver.  Two years in later in 2011 they opened an office in Toronto, soon followed by an office in Halifax in 2013.  They also added a license in Saskatchewan in 2012 and  Manitoba in 2018.


As of 2021, My Canada Payday operates in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia.


My Canada Payday charges the following rates:

British Columbia 15%
Alberta 15%
Saskatchewan 17%
Manitoba 17%
Ontario 15%
Nova Scotia 19%

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