310 Loan


310 Loan is an online payday lender based in Surrey, BC.

Official website: http://www.310loan.com


310 Loan charges the following rates online:

British Columbia 17%
Ontario 21%

It’s worth pointing out that 310-Loan’s rates in British Columbia are 6 points below the legal maximum, which is a pretty decent deal.

9 Responses to 310 Loan

  1. Jim says:

    310-Loan took me 4 days to get my loan. Their website says they will pay you within minutes but this is simply not true. Also no loans go thru on the weekends except if you have a bank account at a major bank like BMO or Royal Bank.

  2. Coco Leoni says:

    Use caution when dealing with this lender. I took an loan from this company; the loan documents received clearly stated the due date was 3 weeks from the date the loan was advanced. A week after receiving the loan proceeds, 310 re-issued a new loan agreement, stating they made a mistake on the original (they did) and that the due date was in fact one week earlier than original date. When contacted, 310 refused to budge. Had to call Consumer Protection Branch in my province and put a stop payment in place for 310 to avoid being hit with an NSF fee due to their mistake. While trying to sort this matter out, 310 took no responsibility for their error; their advice was to let the payment be returned and then wait for their collection department to contact me. Thankfully, the Consumer Protection Branch stepped in. It is a shame that this happened, because 310 does have lower repayment ratios.

  3. sasha lasei says:

    I have this.company ace payday who’s been going into my acct and taking money. I.don’t know.who.they are. I put a stop payment and they make slight changes to their names or the amount they are taking. They are thieves, and crooks. I plan on suing them for and hopefully revoking their lisence for theft and fraud.

  4. Andrew says:

    Surprisingly quick and easy when using major banks and calling them after you give them their documents. Got approved on the phone, waiting for link. Super friendly.

  5. Bram says:

    I went on line looking for help for a loan, 310’s Fast, Friendly and Helpful service got me the money I needed in less then an hour, after all the info that they required was given. I am a happy customer and have come back for more. Thank you so much 310loans.

  6. Mist says:

    I used 310 for a couple years for my loans. Never had an issue, they were fast and quick. Just today I applied for a loan, never heard back so I emailed them. I got a reply that said “due to recent activity your account has been closed”. Wtf? No explanation – nothing. I emailed them back and ask for an explanation as I have always paid on my due date and never had an NSF. No response from them.

  7. Casey says:

    Wondering how long does it take a application to process I did it Saturday

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